Monkey in D Barrel - Pre Order - 1st Edition


Unveil a world of intrigue with our Monkey in D. Barrel Mug – a harmonious fusion of the intrepid spirit of OP and the timeless allure of classic tiki design.

Meticulously sculpted by hand, this mug encapsulates the unwavering bond of the Strawhat crew. This glaze version stands as a testament to their marine escapades, boasting captivating bluish-brown tones reminiscent of the ocean depths. Rustic iron bands encircle the mug, evoking the essence of weathered shipwrecks and pirate tales.

Crafted for enthusiasts, the Monkey in D. Barrel Mug is a vessel that pays homage to both worlds. Its intricate details, from the etched wood panels to the strategically placed iconography, tell a story of camaraderie and the daring quests undertaken across the grand line.

Secure your piece of this unique fusion, available for pre-order now. Don't miss the opportunity to claim your Monkey in D. Barrel Mug, which embodies the essence of adventure and the spirit of exploration.

Pre-orders will open on Sunday, August 6th, at 1 PM Central time. Join us in raising a toast to friendship, uncharted horizons, and the timeless allure of the Monkey in D. Barrel Mug. Shipping this fall to winter.

40 oz Capacity
Numbered edition of 50
Blue/brown body, rusted metal bands, matte black standard with vibrant mugiwara on the tid and standard. (just like the first photo)