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Now available to pre-order, the Onsen Bowl. A standalone vessel for those who seek to create their own serene retreat. Sold independently from the characters of the Onsen Set, this bowl offers a tranquil oasis of its own. Inside, a mysterious blue glaze with metallic sparkles transports you to the depths of a secluded hot spring, inviting you to unwind and find peace.

Exquisitely designed, the bowl features hand-sculpted hinoki wood planks delicately secured by a carved rope, evoking the essence of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. This elegant touch allows you to personalize your experience, whether you envision adding your own visitors to the hot spring or building your own set.

- Handcrafted
- Stoneware with foodsafe glazes
- 9.5" Wide x 1.25" Tall
- Holds Approximately 30 oz of liquid
- Ships in approximately 4weeks