Shop Policies

Limited Edition Mugs (Atom Bobs)

In the spirit of fairness there is a limit of 1 Atom Bob per customer for the first 24 hours of a launch. In that period orders of more than one will be canceled.


Mug Flipping

I DO NOT SUPPORT MUG FLIPPING. If I see one of my pieces being "Flipped" on Ebay you will be blacklisted from purchasing from my shop.


Order Processing

Items are usually boxed and shipped within 1-3 business days after the order has been placed. Some exclusions may apply, see the item's description for verification.



Items may ship in more than one box.


Damaged Items

Every ceramic piece is inspected thoroughly before they are listed. Occasionally pieces with very minor imperfections or flaws may be listed at a discount. Please pay attention to the description of each piece to understand which minor imperfections may exist.


Hopefully it never happens, but If your item arrives broken from shipping send pictures to my email [email protected] to get a refund.