Pre-Order - Onsen Sipper Sake Set

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- Estimated completion time for pre-orders 8-12 weeks.
- Interior Glaze may not be the same as those shown in the images above
- All items are made in my studio in Houston TX
- 100% dishwasher safe Stoneware ceramics
- Limited Pre-Order slots available per shop update

Elevate your drinking rituals with the Onsen Sippers Sake/Tea Set, designed to infuse your drinking experience with whimsy and charm.

Each set features an exclusive carved "Onsen" bowl with sculpted rope detailing and aged hinoki planks and five Duck cups! Each of which boast its own unique personality – two adorned with towel hats, two with lily pads, and one cheeky naked duck, now with a mini bath bucket to rest on!

Crafted to enhance your enjoyment, the Duck Dippers fit snugly within the bowl, creating an inviting display reminiscent of a tranquil hot spring scene. While the set includes space for five Duck Dippers, you have the option to add a sixth cup to your collection at a discounted rate using code DRINKINGBUDDY. Please note that the additional cup may not sit perfectly flat alongside the others in the bowl.