Kanji & Kintsugi Atom Bob

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This special-edition 1/1 Atom Bob is covered in scribbled and wiped kanji and real 100% gold Kintsugi*. Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese art of repairing a broken, cracked or chipped vessel with real gold, highlighting cracks and repairs events in the life of an object, rather than allowing its service to end at the time of its damage or breakage.

*The method I took to recreate the kintsugi look on this mug did not involve breaking the mug and making it any more fragile or non food safe.

Each Atom Bob has been painstakingly crafted with precise details and with form and function in mind. This mug includes a matching lid with two straw holes designed to fit metal straws with ease.

32 oz. Capacity
" 4.75x 7" (W x H)