Spirited Onsen Set - PREORDER

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SPIRITED ONSEN: This set includes one Radish Spirit Sipper, the new No Face sipper (topped with a towel and holding bath tokens) and three little duck dippers (towel, lilypad, and naked w/ a mini bucket). Served in a carved "Onsen" bowl with sculpted rope detailing and aged hinoki planks.

- Estimated completion time for pre-orders 10-12 weeks.
- Interior Glaze may not be the same as those shown in the images above
- All items are crafted in my studio in Houston TX
- 100% dishwasher safe Stoneware ceramics
- Limited Pre-Order slots available every Month

Crafted to enhance your enjoyment, the Duck Dippers fit snugly within the bowl, creating an inviting display reminiscent of a tranquil hot spring scene. While the set includes space for five Duck Dippers, you have the option to add a sixth cup to your collection. Please note that the additional cup may not sit perfectly flat alongside the others in the bowl.